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What is a Face-Fit Test?

Asbestos is a very fine particulate making it vital to ensure that a close fit of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is achieved, otherwise protection is significantly reduced.

Face-Fit Tests:


  • Ensure that wearers of RPE use a model of respirator that adequately protects them from airborne particles. The test checks that a selected face-piece fits the facial features of the wearer and makes an adequate seal with their face, reducing the access of contaminants into the breathing area.
  • Teach wearers how to correctly put on and wear the facepiece each time they need one.

Why do I need a Face-Fit Test?

An individual face-fit test is required before any work with asbestos-containing materials can be undertaken. The HSE highlight that fit test records for each person wearing RPE should be kept available for inspection upon request. HSE282/28 details face-fit testing requirements.

What is involved?


  • It is vital for delegates to be clean-shaven on the day of training.
  • We provide a filtering face-piece for each delegate. From experience we have found the Alpha Solway 3030v with FFP3 filtration to be a mask that fits 99% of people successfully, which is great for the client as they are relatively cheap and easy to get hold of!
  • Delegates are taught to put the tight-fitting mask on correctly and then have a hood placed over their head. The air inside the hood is then filled with a non-toxic, bitter aerosol. A series of movement tests are then performed to ensure an effective seal is maintained – if the delegate can taste the bitter flavour then an adequate seal has not been achieved.
  • Delegates have their Face-Fit Test result displayed on their training certificate and the client is provided with a test record sheet.

Repeat Face-Fit testing is only needed after 3-years or a gain/loss in body weight of 10% or alterations to facial shape (broken nose etc!) however it is advised by the HSE that re-training on fitting RPE is given annually.

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