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Asbestos pops up all over the place in buildings across the UK. It was so widely used it is often one of those materials we need to be trained to work with.

Bridgwater invested nearly 60 years in using asbestos containing materials within the fabric of its buildings. This has contributed to the awful legacy of ill health, disease and death amongst UK workers. At the last count 5,500 people were losing their lives each and every year to asbestos conditions.

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Asbestos Training in Bridgwater

Whether you are an electrician, a roofer or a grounds-worker, it is highly likely certain aspects of your work in Bridgwater bring you into contact with asbestos containing materials. Asbestos training courses, available in Bridgwater, help teach you to work on these products in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Non-licensed training will ensure you have the knowledge to not only work with asbestos safely, but how to deal with all the other issues around it like method-statements, disposal and transport to name a few.

Bridgwater Asbestos Courses – Non-Licensed Removal Training

By taking part in an accredited training session in Bridgwater, you are assured of a quality service as our course has been externally audited. This verification of compliance with the legal requirements has been carried out by the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP). Our course is certified to meet their standards.

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Asbestos Training courses run in Bridgwater, under the IATP accreditation, are 1-day in duration and include asbestos awareness in the syllabus. This avoids the longer and more costly route stipulated by UKATA saving you both time and money. As a further advantage, Fit2Fit accredited face fit testing is also available as part of the course.

About Bridgwater

Bridgwater is a small town located some 37 miles (60 km) south of Bristol and 10 miles (21 km) from the mouth of the River Parrett. Until the river silted up Bridgwater was quite a busy port and the town retains its old quays, a canal link to Taunton and a reputation for industrial enterprise.Bridgwater has a long and somewhat defiant history. When Alfred the Great was supposed to be burning those famous cakes, he is thought to have been hiding from his enemies somewhere in the nearby marshes. In the 11th Century, the great Norman castle that once guarded the river crossing was held by the Barons against the King. During the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 some of the locals rose up and went on a killing spree directed against the local tax inspectors. In 1865, the Duke of Monmouth was declared king in Bridgwater. Unfortunately for him he went on to lose the nearby battle of Sedgemoor and finally lost his head at the Tower of London. Even Guy Fawkes is regarded as a superstar in Bridgwater and a marvelous carnival is held annually to honour the man who attempted to blow up parliament.Bridgwater Town CentreBridgwater was once known for its traffic jams but the M5 has since bypassed the town leaving it a pleasant place to visit. There are some elegant streets and well-preserved old buildings. A statue of Bridgwater’s most famous son, Admiral Robert Blake, stands at the Cornhill and the house where he may have born is preserved as a museum.The major event in town is the illuminated Guy Fawkes Carnival, a magnificent and colourful spectacle which draws thousands of spectators to the town each year. The parade has over a hundred floats lit by thousands of electric bulbs and takes 2 or 3 hours to get around town. Later in the evening, large fireworks known as Squibs are set off outside the Town Hall.

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