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Asbestos pops up all over the place in buildings across the UK. It was so widely used it is often one of those materials we need to be trained to work with.

Malvern invested nearly 60 years in using asbestos containing materials within the fabric of its buildings. This has contributed to the awful legacy of ill health, disease and death amongst UK workers. At the last count 5,500 people were losing their lives each and every year to asbestos conditions.

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Asbestos Training in Malvern

Whether you are an electrician, a roofer or a grounds-worker, it is highly likely certain aspects of your work in Malvern bring you into contact with asbestos containing materials. Asbestos training courses, available in Malvern, help teach you to work on these products in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Non-licensed training will ensure you have the knowledge to not only work with asbestos safely, but how to deal with all the other issues around it like method-statements, disposal and transport to name a few.

Malvern Asbestos Courses – Non-Licensed Removal Training

By taking part in an accredited training session in Malvern, you are assured of a quality service as our course has been externally audited. This verification of compliance with the legal requirements has been carried out by the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP). Our course is certified to meet their standards.

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Asbestos Training courses run in Malvern, under the IATP accreditation, are 1-day in duration and include asbestos awareness in the syllabus. This avoids the longer and more costly route stipulated by UKATA saving you both time and money. As a further advantage, Fit2Fit accredited face fit testing is also available as part of the course.

About Malvern

The Malvern Hills are one of the most distinctive natural features in Great Britain, as well as being the source of the water that the Queen drinks.Consisting of a range of hills in the English counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and a small area of northern Gloucestershire. They have been designated by the Countryside Agency as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.The Malvern Hills in Herefordshire and Worcestershire EnglandThe Malvern Hills are a famous beauty spot, with scenic views over both Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The Hills run north/south for about 13 km (nine miles), in between Great Malvern and the village of Colwall, and overlook the River Severn valley to the East, with the Cotswolds beyond. The highest point of the hills is the Worcestershire Beacon at 425 metres (1395 feet) (OS Grid reference SO768452). The hills are famous for their natural mineral The town of Great Malvern in the Malvern Hillssprings and wells, and were responsible for the development of Great Malvern as a spa in the early 19th century.There are two passes through the hills, the Wyche cutting (Wyche means salt) and the A449 road just north of Herefordshire Beacon. The Herefordshire Beacon is also known as the British Camp, as the remains of an iron age hill fort can be found at the summit.The hills were a great inspiration for the truly English composer, Sir Edward Elgar. His many hobbies included golf and cycling and whilst living in Herefordshire composed some of his most inspirational music. A statue is planned to honour his memory and you can follow the Elgar Route to experience what he enjoyed.Malvern is largely Victorian but its roots go back much further. Iron and Bronze Age forts and tracks ran along the hills andMalvern was only a collection of small cottages until the Middle Ages. The oldest parts of the town can be seen around the Priory Church which was founded in 1085 when Benedictine monks settled here and built a Priory, which was a daughter house to Westminster Abbey.Malvern originated as a spa village with therapeutic qualities attributed to its springs. It was the Georgian fancy of taking the waters and later the Victorian popularity of the water cure that transformed Malvern into a Water Cure town. Doctors Gully and Wilson brought hydrotherapy – the water cure – from Austria and built the first water cure house in 1845. The growing influx of visitors necessitated accommodation, information and social recreation to rival such centres as Bath and Cheltenham. Although you can no longer take the water cure in Malvern, many of the impressive buildings are still in use as public buildings.The popularity of Malvern continued to grow even when the water cure had declined. George Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar brought Malvern into the 20th Century with their music and theatre festivals held in the Winter Gardens. Today there is a new theatre complex in the old Winter Gardens; the old Iron Age tracks leading to St. Ann’s well and onto the hills are still walked by visitors; and cars as well as people now traverse Belle Vue Terrace. The delight of Malvern today is still its unspoilt beauty, with a glimpse of past Victoriana including our many still-working gaslamps, stunning views of the Severn Valley and exciting music and theatre.Malvern is an impressive shopping destination, thanks to its hillside setting. There are bookshops – both new and secondhand. There are antique dealers, as well as auctions from time to time, not to mention quality furniture, fashion and food. The Malvern lifestyle attracts artists and craftspeople, so you will find some delightful works on show and in shops and galleries. But the best way to appreciate what Malvern has to offer is to visit and explore – there is much to find.

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