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Fed up of boring Asbestos Awareness Training?

Ok, so you’re looking to run an asbestos awareness course for your staff? What is it going to be though, the same old same old you’ve had countless times before or something stimulating, relevant and more importantly; actually useful to those who attend!

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Asbestos awareness courses and considered to be a necessary evil and in some senses you are correct, the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 mandates we do them. We believe that a good awareness course really benefits an organisation by building confidence amongst attendees to be able to read, understand and if necessary, challenge an asbestos survey presented to them by a client.

With such serious consequences for issues of non-compliance, being able to understand the differences between a management and refurbishment survey is key. Knowing how to check for areas of ‘no-access’ and whether to request additional sampling because a product has been ‘presumed’ to contain asbestos can all be very useful.

We believe asbestos awareness training should offer more than ‘ticking’ a regulatory box and pride ourselves on delivering less than ordinary courses. Sure, you can do an online training course for a few quid and be legally compliant but have we actually learnt anything practical other than how to pass an assessment?

Training should be specific for the needs of the client, after all, a grounds worker has a very different need to a roofer when it comes to asbestos training. Similarly a housing associations requirements are different to an architects.

By using to deliver your asbestos awareness training, you are not only bringing in a fresh face but fresh ideas also. Give your employees something positive to talk about following their annual asbestos awareness session.

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