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Asbestos pops up all over the place in buildings across the UK. It was so widely used it is often one of those materials we need to be trained to work with.

Rhondda invested nearly 60 years in using asbestos containing materials within the fabric of its buildings. This has contributed to the awful legacy of ill health, disease and death amongst UK workers. At the last count 5,500 people were losing their lives each and every year to asbestos conditions.

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Asbestos Training in Rhondda

Whether you are an electrician, a roofer or a grounds-worker, it is highly likely certain aspects of your work in Rhondda bring you into contact with asbestos containing materials. Asbestos training courses, available in Rhondda, help teach you to work on these products in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Non-licensed training will ensure you have the knowledge to not only work with asbestos safely, but how to deal with all the other issues around it like method-statements, disposal and transport to name a few.

Rhondda Asbestos Courses – Non-Licensed Removal Training

By taking part in an accredited training session in Rhondda, you are assured of a quality service as our course has been externally audited. This verification of compliance with the legal requirements has been carried out by the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP). Our course is certified to meet their standards.

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Asbestos Training courses run in Rhondda, under the IATP accreditation, are 1-day in duration and include asbestos awareness in the syllabus. This avoids the longer and more costly route stipulated by UKATA saving you both time and money. As a further advantage, Fit2Fit accredited face fit testing is also available as part of the course.

About Rhondda

Secrets of ‘Britain’s best high street’: what the rest of us can learn from a small town in the Rhondda The valley stretched for a distance of eight or ten miles between two nearly parallel lines of hills, broken by a succession of cliffs of singular beauty……. The emerald greeness of the meadows in the valley below was most refreshing…… The air is aromatic with the wild flowers and mountain plants. A Sabbath stillness reigns …. it is the gem of Glamorganshire. Charles Cliffe, The Book of South Wales, 1847The river Rhondda is a dark turgid, and contaminated gutter, into which is poured the refuse of the host of collieries which skirt the thirteen miles of its course. The hills have been stripped of all their woodland beauty, and there they stand, rugged and bare, with immense rubbish heaps covering their surface …. The whole length of the valley has become transformed … the din of steam engines, the whirr of machinery, the grating sound of coal screens, and the hammering of the smithies proceed increasingly night and day, year in and year out. An unheard of wealth of industry and a great population have simultaneously sprung up together during the past sixty years … The industrial townships of this valley appear to be inseparably connected in one continuous series of streets of workmens’ cottages to Pontypridd. A Morris, Glamorgan, 1908. The above contrasting descriptions of the Rhondda appear in David Egan’s Coal Society (A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys, 1840-1980). Published in 1987 by Gomer Press.

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