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Who Needs Face Fit Testing?

All users of close fitting RPE require a face fit test for each type of mask they wear.

The following masks are defined as ‘close fitting’: re-usable half masks and disposable half masks (FFP3), full face breathing apparatus (including positive pressure), escape masks & powered respirators.

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Who needs Face Fit Testing?

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients’ is, “who needs face fit testing?” The simple answer for workers undertaking jobs where dust or chemicals could be inhaled is ‘everyone’.

The key word here is ‘workers’. Whether you are an employee or self-employed the requirement to be protected from respiratory hazards exists. There are some exceptions but most of these apply to the hobbyist or DIYer.

If you wear any of the following types of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), you must be Face Fit Tested

Cleaning staff and warehouse operatives are often forgotten about when it comes to face fit testing. Have a think about your workforce, anyone who is exposed to dust should be face fit tested.

Here is an image showing a penny next to the legally permissible maximum exposure to dust on a daily basis:

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