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What Are The Benefits Of Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing protects workers from any ill health that may be caused by long-term exposure to airborne hazards.

It also helps your business tender for contracts, gain access to sites where evidence is often requested, and it manages the legal side of RPE.

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What are the benefits of face fit testing?

Here we have two key areas to look at; there is the business side of things and also the health of our workers. We’ll give an overview of both. From a business side it is becoming increasingly commonplace for clients to request evidence that your employees have been face fit tested.

Several bodies that accredit or vouch for an organisations safety record also require evidence as part of their audit process.

Perhaps most importantly, face fit testing is an active area of enforcement by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Non-compliance can result in a range of penalties for your business depending upon the nature of the infringement.

On a practical note, whilst we often find a degree of suspicion as to the point of fit testing when we arrive with clients’, once they see the ease at which masks can fail the test but also how well good masks protect, the mindset of those we meet often flips fairly quickly.

After all, who really wants to be pulling lath and plaster ceilings down with a mask that fails the fit test within seconds? Lets put an end to coughing up black in the middle of the night and protect the health of those we work alongside.

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