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What Is Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing is an easy way to check whether a mask protects the wearer. If the mask doesn’t fit, the user will taste a leak detector and a fail would be recorded. The test can then be repeated to find a mask suitable for that user.

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All workers requiring a face fit test are instructed on how to use, clean, maintain & store the mask they will be using. This is followed by exposing the workers to a sensitivity solution with either a bitter or sweet taste. Having confirmed they can taste the sensitivity solution, the worker then undergoes a 7-minute test. During this they are asked if they can taste the test solution, this solution is ten times stronger than the sensitivity solution. If they cannot taste it, the face fit test has been successful and a certificate will be issued. However, the law requires tests to be repeated every two years. Other issues can mean tests need repeating sooner.

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