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Do you wish to become Fit2Fit accredited?

It’s a smart ambition if you are considering learning to do face fit tests, particularly if you are considering it commercially.

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How do I get Fit2Fit accredited?

All awarding of accreditations are done solely on the basis of passing an assessment held by the Fit2Fit scheme itself. It is important to note that the assessment is purely that, they expect you to be competent in all aspects of fit testing and are there to test your skills and knowledge.

Our assistance, with respect to Qualitative accreditation status, would be in training you up so your practical and theoretical knowledge are sufficient to pass the examination. Once you feel you have these you can apply directly here.

How much does Fit2Fit accreditation cost?

For qualitative membership the last figures were £518 for the initial assessment and £414 for a re-sit fee in the event the assessment is failed.

Bearing these fees in mind, ensure you are confident your training provider is able to raise your skill level to the standard required. Whilst a pass cannot be guaranteed, a good quality course can be of immense benefit.

What kind of things will be assessed?

First and foremost you must be able to competently undertake a face fit test by your chosen method, be able to diagnose and correct any faults with the equipment in use and similarly be able to accurately determine why a test may have failed and know what you should do.

You will be expected to be able to diagnose faults with respiratory protective equipment and understand the varying filters and their use.

Your technical knowledge of assigned protection factors, maintenance schedules will be assessed amongst others too.

HSE Statement about Fit2Fit

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