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Many businesses see the benefits in being able to undertake their own face fit tests, it helps to maintain compliance if and when the labour force changes.

In the current Covid-19 crisis, the likelihood of different masks being used is high owing to global demand. Testing in-house is even more important to ensure wearers are protected using the various RPE likely to be encountered whilst Coronavirus is around.

Rather than paying out for a tester to attend site with the inevitable cost and time implications, having in-house capability to do tests is generally more efficient.

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How Does The Training work?

Our experience shows it is generally best if we fit test some of your employees alongside training your testers. This hands on way of learning typically results in higher levels of competence amongst your testers.

What do I need to do my own face fit tests?

Very simply; you need a training for those going to do face fit tests along with a face fit test kit itself.

How long does training take?

A half-day course is usually sufficient to train somebody to do face fit testing. We’ll also provide them knowledge of how to use the various masks and filters you use and ensure they’re knowledgeable of the legalities around record keeping and maintenance etc.

What about issuing certificates?

We provide a bespoke face fit test certificate template for you to use when undertaking your own face fit tests. It is designed to quickly and easily demonstrate to clients’ the testing has been done in line with the regulatory requirements.

What kind of masks can I test?

We can train you in the use of a qualitative face fit testing kit with which you can test any half-face mask (disposable or reusable). Full-face masks cannot be tested with this method and loose-fitting air-fed hoods, used by those with beards, do not require face fit testing.

What test kit should I buy?

There are many testing kits on the market but not all are created equal; for durability and ease of use we recommend the 3M FT-30 Bitter Qualitative kit as shown above.

I already have my own test kit, can I use that?

We’ll be more than happy to train you on your own test kit if that is your preference. In fact, we can check it over for you to make sure it’s in an operational condition.

How often is refresher training required?

Whilst not explicitly stated in legislation there is a requirement to be able to demonstrate competence. Our Fit2Fit accreditation has to be renewed every 3-years so this would be a sensible maximum period before refresher training.

Can you deliver the training on-site?

Yes this isn’t usually a problem so long as we have a little privacy to ensure we don’t get too many funny looks whilst standing around with bags over our heads!

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