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If your company is based in Abingdon and you require qualitative face-fit testing for your employees, we at Fire Coral Ltd can provide you with testing by a Fit2Fit accredited provider.

As part of your company health and safety remit, if you provide your staff with respiratory equipment (RPE) you require certification that they fit your staff correctly, are used in the correct manner, and maintained in line with legal requirements. The Health & Safety Executives (HSE) guidance note INDG 479 lays bare the need for face fit testing.

Face-fit testing is required, especially if your employees work in a dusty environment within Abingdon. The COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations state then when selecting RPE equipment, a face-fit test is a way of ensuring an adequate seal is achieved. Did you know over 50% of masks tested on those with no training failed a face fit test.

By following the guidance laid out in INDG 479 & HSG 53 with regards RPE, you are meeting the regulatory requirements expected of you.

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All close fitting masks should be face fit tested on the wearer to demonstrate whether they work or not. The types of masks which would need face-fit testing include, disposable face masks (FFP3), half masks & full-face masks. Here at Fire Coral Ltd, we provide qualitative testing for workers in Abingdon using half-face disposable or reusable masks only.

Abingdon Face Fit Testing

A face fit test is a set of exercises simulating everyday movement to determine whether an adequate seal is maintained. There are 7 exercises which each staff member should complete, each lasting for 1 minute. If one of the exercises is failed, the whole test needs to be re-taken. We will test your staff in groups of nine in slots 1.5 hours apart to minimise downtime to yourselves.

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Normal working conditions should be simulated during the test, as mentioned in INDG 479. It is recommended that staff should be using dynamic movements such as walking, stepping and cycling on exercise machines.

If your staff in Abingdon use RPE on a regular basis, and you would like to ensure they are fully trained in the wearing, fitting, and use of their respiratory equipment; Fire Coral Ltd can provide you with a tailored training package at a preferential rate.

About Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing is a method that is used to identify how a dust mask matches an individual’s facial characteristics. A poor seal will substantially reduce the level of protection so face fit testing is required to fulfil the safety criteria.

Furthermore, there are two types of face fit testing - qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative method is specifically designed for testing of disposable masks (FFP3) and half masks but not full face masks. It is based on tasting a bitter or sweet compound. Quantitative testing is designed for full face masks.

About Abingdon

Abingdon is an industrial town in the Cynon Valley area of Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales, at the confluence of the rivers Dare and Cynon. Abingdon is 20 miles north-west of Cardiff and 22 miles north-east of Swansea. The county borough was formed in 1996 following the abolition of the county of Mid Glamorgan. Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council was formed by the merger of the former Mid Glamorgan districts of Rhondda, Cynon Valley and Taff Ely (with the exceptions of Creigiau and Pentyrch). The population of the county is 234,300 (Census 2011), consists of 99,700 households (Census 2011) and has 7 neighbouring local authorities. Abingdon, during its boom years was considered a centre of Welsh culture; it hosted the first National Eisteddfod in 1861, again in 1885 and in 1956 at Abingdon Park where the Gorsedd standing stones still exist. Abingdon is the birthplace of the second World War poet Alun Lewis, and there is a plaque commemorating him, including a quotation of his poem; ‘The Mountain over Abingdon’. The founding members of the rock band ‘The Stereophonics’ originated from the nearby village of Cwmaman. Griffith Rhys Jones or Caradog as he was commonly known, was the Conductor of the famous ‘Cor Mawr’ of some 460 voices (The South Wales Choral Union) which twice won first prize at Crystal Palace choral competitions in London in the 1870s. He is depicted in the town’s most prominent statue by sculpture Goscombe John, unveiled on Victoria Square in 1920. A mile up the road from where we have our monthly meetings at Ty Newydd, lies the village of Penderyn; the home of Penderyn Welsh Whisky. The distillery is located in the old village of Penderyn, nestled in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons where the best little distillery in Wales has the smoothest wysgi on earth.

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